Welcome to ISACA

An International Bauer Student Group

About Us

We are IYP or ISACA Young Professionals, our mission is to connect the University of Houston with the Houston business community. To represent our school as professionals, we attend events from casual networking socials, luncheons with executives, lectures and workshops. Rather than trying to bring recruiters to campus we believe the best way to distinguish yourself is to meet the people you want to work with on a peer-to-peer level.

Why Us?

  • Networking

    Unparalleled Networking

    ISACA Young Professionals have a completely different approach than other organizations. Other business organizations focus on networking between student members, we focus on networking students with professionals

    Our members have free or reduced price access to some of Houston’s premier business organizations such as The Greater Houston Chapter of ISACA,┬áThe World Affairs Council of Houston, and a growing selection of other organizations.

  • Education

    A Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Organization

    We focus on increasing our members skill-sets with some of our upcoming workshops in Spring 2014 like Rapid Web Development, Financial Modeling, and anything else people would like to see.

  • Social

    Socialize with Professionals

    Get to know the professionals of Houston!

    Golf Tournaments, Tree Planting, and more! IYP members are often attend socials events at the professional organizations we often attend at.

  • Resume

    Rapid Resume Building

    The main benefit with the ISACA Young Professionals, is that we will build your resume faster then any other organization.

    We volunteer for some of the most sought out for professionals events in Houston, with many different groups. Within one semester of activity, you can list major events such as The Houston International Festival, The World Affairs Council of Houston World Quest, and more on your resume.

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